Templed out at Angkor Wat

Admittedly, I have always found the concept of having a bucket list, unless you know your own expiration date, a bit tacky. I have a list of places I want to see, experiences I would like to experience and people I would like to meet, but my list is […]

John Wayne & Rambo

For Christmas, Siggy and I had decided that we should relate all presents to our South East Asia tour. So for the first present, I went ahead and booked a 3 hour horseback riding tour, through the rural outskirts of Siem Riep. Some would call me crazy, but it […]

1st stop – Siem Riep

27 hours, 4 airports and 3 planes after leaving behind the icy wintertime in Copenhagen, I finally checked off another country on my world map. Cambodia became country number 41, and what a marvellous experience it was to touch down at Siem Riep airport. Qatar Airways had decided my bag […]

Prep work

Soooooo, it is finally almost time to get moving. In 2 days I will be on a plane again on my way out into the world. And this time for a month! I can remember when I last took the time off travelling for a whole month, but wauw I’m excited! The […]


And why blog about it? When I dated my girlfriend Siggy, she was solo-travelling Vietnam for 5 weeks. And luckily for me, who wanted to get to know her, she had a blog. So without being together I slowly learned a lot about this amazing person. One day […]

Bilbao – A hidden gem

Finally I got to visit the jewel of Northern Spain, Bilbao. And what an experience.. I’m still sorting through the photos, but I promise to wrtite all about it soon!