And why blog about it?

When I dated my girlfriend Siggy, she was solo-travelling Vietnam for 5 weeks. And luckily for me, who wanted to get to know her, she had a blog. So without being together I slowly learned a lot about this amazing person. One day she posted the above-mentioned Hans Christian Andersen quote, a quote I had known and cherished since I was in primary school, but seeing it again, in writing, sparked a flame inside me. And when Siggy came home, we talked and talked and talked, especially about travelling, moving abroad and gathering as many adventures as possible.

And I realized, that I have been travelling all my life, and I love it – but for the past 10-15 years, all my travels had had one sole purpose, and that was work. And yet being fun, and at times adventurous, I had totally forgotten the key essence of travelling for me – the feeling of uncertainty, adventure and experiences of a lifetime. So I decided to travel more, travel more for me and my needs.

Love has always been a driving force to me and sure enough again love was the spark, the fuel, the accelerant to my fire. And as we planned our future travels, I realised that the experiences and feelings I had gotten from reading Siggy’s blog had been amazing and I wanted to convey the same feelings to others. That became the start of The Travel Archivist. So please enjoy reading my rants and notes – I hope that in some small (or big) way I can help inspire more people to walk the path less chosen and live a more adventorous life. 

Oh, and check out Siggy’s blog, that started it all for me – both the blogging AND the amazing life I live today <3 Because she is pretty amazing!

Link to her original post is right here:

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